Services Overview (for resume writers)

Thank you for taking the time to check this out. I hope you will be happy you did...

As I mentioned, I take the professional resumes which you've created and provide this additional component, a digital version for the client. As you can see in this example, we currently provide up to 7 sections, each with their own editable title and associated section graphic (Example: this section is named Services Overview). While we don't do any resume writing (that's all you), we take the sections and content the resume contains and develop it into an online version like you see here.

While each digital version contains the following:

  - Personal URL to email anyone, anywhere at anytime
  - Up to seven resume sections to provide as much (or as little) information as the hiring manager may want
  - Individual section custom graphics (Helps the client stand out even further - impression is everything!)
  - Portfolio Showcase with up to 3 online links to whatever the client wants to showcase (additional links available)
  - Printable resume, the same one created by you, is available as an active link for the recipient (Upper Right)
  - Instant Resume Snapshot which is a bulleted list of critical skills and attributes for quick reference by Hiring Manager

There are several additional features which can also be individually provided. Those include such things as:

  - Keywords for search engine optimization (broadens the likelihood of matching client with employer)
  - 15-45 second video introduction (or video references) (Lets the hiring manager gain a much better perspective)
  - Page background custom graphics (Helps build the personal brand)
  - Multiple online resumes simultaneously, each individualized for a specific job (Personalizes the application process)
  - “Resume Received & Opened” client email alert (No more 'black-hole' frustration wondering if the resume was ever seen)
  - QR code image for resume business cards (patent pending) (With these, client can always have a resume handy)

In short, you could offer your clients this service for an additional fee. For those who accepted, you'd send me their resume and I would create the online version. We would then share the extra revenue generated by this online version. (You know best what your clientele would be willing to pay for this added benefit, so that figure can be determined by you).

I do everything and would work through you to ensure your clients satisfaction. There is nothing needed on your end other than forwarding me the resume and then presenting the finished product to your client. Once they are satisfied, they pay you and you keep a percentage of whatever that figure is.
It’s free money and a great added service for your clientele. (By the way, this patented service was named ‘Top Careers Program” by Forbes magazine.)

The online versions are published for up to one year and can be unpublished or deleted at anytime before then.

If you are still unsure, heres a few more reasons to consider doing this

1) As you may know, the key to making any resume stand out is emotion. Evoke emotion and the path to closing business becomes much easier. In part, that’s what my system does - creates an unexpected 'WoW' factor and that means leaving positive impressions on hiring mangers! When they need to create a list of finalists, those who have this digital feature immediately:

2) ATS systems are everywhere so if the resume doesn't get through that, the candidacy is done. My system allows the candidate to email their resume page to anyone, anywhere at any time thereby keeping the candidacy active

3) One of the best circumstances for what I offer is when a candidate has something they want to showcase which would influence the hiring manager’s decision to move forward with them. Many people have works they want to show but can’t do so without an interview. The interview however may not be granted without presenting that information first so the candidate is stuck... Not with my program! If it can be put online, it can be linked and showcased as part of the included resume submitted.

4) Many companies do online searches prior to posting a vacancy. My system can include keywords in the backend code so that the resume page can be found during a corporate search. Paper resumes can’t do that...

5) Every hiring manager has a different preference in what they want to see in a resume. No matter how well it may be written, it’s completely subject to the proclivities of the person conducting the review. The only way to best accommodate that is to provide them everything and let them choose. That could make for a small novel if done in paper. With my system everything is placed into sections and the hiring manager can read what they like. For those who want fast and quick, we even have an 'Instant Resume Snapshot' represented by listed bullets indicating the key talents the candidate offers.

6) These days, one size does NOT fit all and the same holds true for resumes. The candidate’s resume typically needs to be tweaked for each specific position being sought. With my system, each candidates account has the option for up to 12 different online resumes (simultaneously) with each having its own separate, unique url. That means each online resume can be specifically tailored to the position, matched with the ‘tweaked’ printed resume and then afforded its own email address for dissemination.

7) Candidates can include (as a paid option) the 'Open Resume' alert. With this patent pending feature, the job seeker sends me the email address of the intended recipient. I then send the resume out using my interface. When the recipient opens the link (clicks on it), then the job seeker immediately gets an email notice alerting them that the recipient has just opened their resume for review. This eliminates the huge problem of never knowing if the resume was ever seen or read...

8) My system creates a resume business card image complete with a QR code. This way, a candidate can carry their resume around with them 24/7 in the form of a standard business card.

9) For candidates wishing a visual presentation (actors, performers, artists, etc.), we have a video module. allowing them to include a short video introduction or video references.

10) My system allows for personal branding. All the graphics and page wallpaper can be edited to better conform to what the candidate wants represented.

There's more but hopefully this will suffice.

Please click thru the rest of this example resume to better envision what this could mean for your clients. I can be reached at: or 321-285-3139.

Thank you.

Cover Letter

Hiring Team
Company Name
Company Address

Re: Title of position being sought

Dear Hiring Team,

My name is James Gregware and I am seeking your (title of position being sought) I know your talent pool is comprised of only the highest quality and hopefully my career to date will meet with your standards. Since there is a very short window to capture your attention, I will  get straight to some of the more salient accomplishments which best demonstrate my related expertise:
  • Personally created a comprehensive online employment system with uniquely created CRM for use by colleges and universities throughout the nation. This innovative system has been designed to substantially improve a schools financial position, increase the schools brand and build strong relationships with community employers. The entire project and product from concept to the finished program was designed and built exclusively by me and the aid of a part time programmer. It is worth noting this same system was awarded 'Top Careers Website' by Forbes Magazine.
  • Created and served as Marketing Director for a NY holding company comprised of six local, national and international companies. My role was to develop strategies and marketing plans as well as provide all marketing services simultaneously for each company. This included but was not limited to print collateral, online presence, newspaper & magazine articles, white papers and the design and creation of all promotional needs. During my four year tenure, gross sales increased from 47 million to 68 million. Previously, all marketing activity was outsourced.
  • Served as Marketing and Communications Director for a newly established law firm with annual revenue at the time of hire of approximately $250,000. Through my identification and recommendation of a unique channel opportunity, the firm grew rapidly to over twenty attorneys and revenue in excess of 7 million over an 18 month timeframe.
  • Solely created a financial membership company which was featured in numerous magazines such as Businessweek, Investment Advisor, and Dow Jones as well as other Wall Street publications. I met with numerous top level Senators and Congressmen regarding the topic of Investment Fraud perpetrated on Senior Citizens and this same company ultimately served as a  foundational model for the current Securities and Exchange Commission's 'Public Disclosure' arm.
It is important to point out that I had little to no industry knowledge before starting at Company A, Company B or the creation and development of Company C. Through zealous research of both company and competition as well as a complete understanding of objectives, the results delivered were exceptional. While the list of primary duties and responsibilities listed for this position are fairly broad, I have extensive experience with each and every bullet presented.

I hope these few achievements will serve as a qualifiable introduction until we can talk further.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,
James Gregware

Value Proposition

For me, the Value Proposition offered is critical in the assessment of any candidate up for consideration. It is not solely a quantifiable measure but rather a composite of integrity, motivation, ingenuity and results. It is not just about saving money and increasing profits, it is also creating or contributing to a culture of positive attitudes, teamwork and mutual respect. When packaged within a single individual, you have found the exception to the rule.
Please let me introduce myself. My name is James Gregware; the exception to the rule. Here is my value proposition:

1 - Provide you with comprehensive marketing expertise developed through many years of marketing, communications, finance and sales. My experience perfectly exemplifies each and every facet listed for this position and I have provided matching data accordingly.

2 - Provide you with a leadership persona which hits the ground running while bringing an understanding of the industry, competition and intuitive marketing insights. As is indicated in my resume, I have a track history of precisely that.

3 - Professional working knowledge of all advertising (both employed and desired) as well as the IT mediums used for effective communications.
4 - Solid understanding of what works and what does not within the sales cycle while always working within the parameters established by the corporate brand. Having received numerous national sales awards, I have a demonstrated expertise of providing what the client wants while exceeding their expectations. 

Criteria Match


Position as posted:

The Director of Market Operations has management responsibility for day to day regional market operations.  The position is responsible for facilitating the creation and execution of local market strategies and action plans.  The position is involved in planning, budgeting, forecasting, facility planning and reporting for each of the assigned markets.  This will include being a local liaison with health plan payors, building hospital relationships and overseeing network development, network management and local office management in assigned markets. This position may supervise multiple markets as directed.

This position has a dotted line matrix management responsibility for all other functional staff located within assigned markets - including marketing, utilization management, disease management and transportation.  This position works cross functionally with all other divisions in the corporation including sales, medical management, finance, claims, customer and member services, IT and facilities to achieve market goals and objectives.      

The responsibilities of this position demand a wide range of capabilities including:  strategic planning and analysis skills; strong accounting knowledge and understanding of financial statements; understanding of managed care contracts; management breadth to direct and motivate; highly developed communication skills; political savvy; and the ability to develop clear action plans and drive process, given often ambiguous issues with numerous interdependencies.  Analyzes data from a variety of statistical and financial reports and develops recommendations, strategic plans and action plans to improve identified financial deficits.  

This position will work closely with key payor and physician groups to develop long-term strategic relationships.  
Primary Responsibilities: 
  • Provides supervision for market personnel as assigned and participate on the management team directed by the Vice President of Market Operations
  • Participates in strategic and operational planning for the assigned market(s) and facilitate the execution of the plan within that assigned market
  • Works closely with Corporate Sales & Marketing to attain membership goals by identifying business opportunities, and retention of key physicians along with internal growth of their practices
  • Continually seeks ways to improve job efficiencies
  • Creates and executes a comprehensive market strategy developing an assessment of competitors and local market trends benefit design and a marketing plan as well as a network development plan
  • Facilitates the development and execution of the local market action plan for each market that the regional director is assigned
  • Provides cross functional leadership across the health plan by maintaining open communication, identifying, resolving cross functional issues, continually improving cross functional policies/procedures/work flows and support systems and proactively facilitating staff development to achieve the goals and objectives of each assigned market
  • Maintains effective network support services by working with the Vice President of Market Operations
While serving as Marketing Director for the DEF Group, I created and supervised all marketing responsibilities for 6 local, national and international companies. During my tenure all companies experienced impressive market share growth and revenue improvement. While reporting to the President of the company, I worked directly with each company head to develop strategies and supervise the execution of all marketing plans.

While serving as Chief Marketing Officer for The KLM Group, I worked directly with the Executive Director and Founding Partner to re-brand the firm from one of general services to one dedicated to consumer debt reduction and grow it into several states. Once my concept of a re-brand was adopted, the development and execution of the process began. This process resulted in the expansion of the firm from a single location to several, the addition of over 20 attorneys and the increase of annual revenues from under 1mm to an annual net of over 7mm.


NOTE: ALL Company names are fictitious   This is for illlustration purposes only

ABC Group - Company A, LLC
  Orlando, FL          
CEO   (2010 - Present)

Online Company specializing in providing state-of-the-art online technologies to assist the Departments of Career Services at Colleges and Universities with their efforts to help students find gainful employment upon graduation. The company has several patents pending on new and powerful innovations which provide a significant edge to the participating students. Additionally, the program provides for increasing school admissions, improving the school brand and significantly increasing community awareness and integration. It has been my primary focus for the past three years.

As part of the Marketing strategy, we have also created a proprietary linkedin group called Career Services Directors and Leaders which currently exceeds two thousand (2,100) educational, career and employment executives.

The ABC Group, Inc.   Orlando, FL         
PRESIDENT   (2000 - Present)
Complete creation, development and marketing of several unique companies aimed at filling niche industries. All services advertised or performed  are done so exclusively by me. Collectively, services offered by the Group of companies incorporate a very wide range of marketing and communication facets. Companies are:
  • Company 1, LLC - Full service marketing firm featuring the exclusive Company 1 Corporate Solutions package. The company would serve in whatever capacity was requested by the client. Some situations required only website or collateral creation or while others needed the full complement of services; analysis, financials, marketing plans, strategies, collateral and ultimately, plan execution   
  • Company 2, LLC – Company specializes in providing legal media technologies to law firms engaged in courtroom litigation as well as other various law firm services  
  • Company 3, LLC - A different approach to offering marketing services. Primarily used as a marketing strategy
All initiatives required an extensive skill set in every aspect of business. This included but was not limited to the diverse areas of marketing, law, strategy, management and business development all within the company’s respective industry. The operation of each company works concurrently and independent of one another and does so on a contract or consultative basis.

The DEF Group, Inc.   Schuylerville, NY    
DIRECTOR of MARKETING   (2000 - 6/2004)
Total marketing and strategic responsibilities for several local, national and international companies comprising a holding company; The DEF Group, Inc. - This was a newly created position and department. Everything was previously outsourced.

While reporting directly to the owner and CEO, increased Total Group revenue by nearly 21 million dollars to an annual production of 68 million dollars collectively over my 4 year tenure. Position incorporated the complete design and production of all marketing collateral including but not limited to web, print, magazines, editorials and trade shows for all companies simultaneously as well as all growth strategies
Developed comprehensive targeted marketing plan for a Group company (HIJ Corp.) resulting in $2.1 million increase (31%) over an 18 month time period

 - Developed new corporate identity for same company
 - Developed new web site resulting in 65% increase in inquiries
 - Developed all new collateral material resulting in significant annual record growth
Developed targeted marketing campaign identifying new revenue channel for HIJ, a Group company. Market share increased and strategic alliances were formed further enhancing market penetration
Designed all new print and online collateral materials for all sales personnel. Two Group companies realized very specific increases in revenue generation once materials were integrated into the sales process
Wrote and submitted articles that were published in several national and international magazines generating additional inquiry and subsequent sales

Worked extensively in Design-Build markets

KLM, L.L.C.   Albany, NY
While reporting directly to the founding attorney and chief principle, identified and developed new revenue channel and marketing plan resulting in excess of 6,000 new clients and over 7MM in revenue. (Rebranded the law practice from a general purpose firm to one which specialized in debt reduction)

Designed expansion plan for law center enabling 100% growth in 6 months
Developed new advertising campaign resulting in 200% increase of revenue within 90 days of implementation
Improved gross receipts of company 42% by creating new corporate web site. Site was marketed for increased branding and public edification and was also designed to consummate business online

NOP, Inc.   Albany, NY
PRESIDENT   (1990-2000)

Solely developed and marketed a financial membership organization from concept to national acclaim, ultimately being featured in several national magazines including BusinessWeek, Investment Advisor and Dow Jones

Increased revenue of same company 300% through tailored Internet marketing initiative

Developed nearly a dozen strategic alliances increasing revenue and company growth 60%

Developed web site resulting in 150% increase in revenue

Met with several Senators in Washington, DC to discuss a federal affiliation.
Essentially created the blueprint for the current SEC resource to assist the public before investing with a financial representative

Education / Honors / Licenses

State University of New York at Potsdam   Potsdam, NY 
Graduate Studies

Berkshire College   Pittsfield, MA
   Concentration in Law

Columbia University / Columbia Business School
   Concentration in Business

Northwestern University / Medill
   Concentration in Social Marketing

Wharton / University of Pennsylvania
   Concentration in Marketing

Keynote speaker, Excellence in Entrepreneurism program; University of Central Florida

Member - Board of Advisors, Keiser University

Solely created online employment system (with the backend assistance of a code programmer) which received attention in Businessweek as well as NBC's national 'Project Economy' series. This same company,, was awarded 'Top Careers Website for 2013' by Forbes Magazine

Solely created financial membership company which was featured in numerous financial trade magazines and ultimately served as a  foundational model for the current Securities and Exchange Commission's Public Disclosure 

National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) Series 24 - General Securities Principle
National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) Series 7 - Investment Representative
National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) Series 63 - Blue Sky laws
Registry Certified Financial Specialist
Registry Certified Investment Specialist
Registry Certified Financial Planner
Registry Certified Insurance Advisor
New York Life Insurance License
Maine Life Insurance License
Massachusetts Life Insurance License
Certified Legal Videographer


James M Gregware
Orlando Florida 32833
321-285-3139 (O) 407-568-3168 (C)
Instant Resume Profile


  • Full Marketing Expertise
  • Branding
  • Public Relations Experience
  • Conceptual innovation through to Proof of Concept
  • Expert in Finance
  • Expert in Business Consultancy (Development - Start-ups and small business)
  • Expert in Advertising
  • Keynote speaker, Excellence in Entrepreneurism program; University of Central Florida
  • Member - Board of Advisors, Keiser University
  • Forbes Magazine Award Winner