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Welcome to our digital resume company.

If you’re reading this, odds are you yourself are either a job seeker or a professional who helps those with their resume and employment needs. Either way, the one thing we all know for certain is that to stand out and be remembered, you need to ‘wow’ whoever takes receipt of the resume you're submitting.

That’s exactly what we provide here.

In a world governed by technology, social media, and the internet, paper resumes no longer make the impact you need to compete. Of course, for most positions, you’ll still need to supply them but why not do it in a fashion that leaves a powerful & memorable first impression?

The hiring process is a catch-22. How do you show your portfolio to generate an interview when you need an interview to show your portfolio?

That’s all about to change!

Welcome to your digital resume provider. Now, finally, you can deliver everything needed and wanted by anyone looking to make a hiring decision and do it in a fast and complete way! With our program, you can supply everything you want to present right from the start giving you the absolute strongest first impression! It’s all here, available right now, fully customizable to develop your own personal brand and best of all, it couldn't be easier to setup. 

The process is very easy. You simply fill out our data form, attach your resume and email it to us. We take it from there and email you back once it’s done shortly thereafter.

We also have it set up so that finally you determine the impression you want to leave. It’s no longer just about a resume – it’s about creating your personal brand. And with our system you can do that every step of the way.

You pick what sections you want, what titles they each have and even can change the section graphic. You provide the portfolio links you’d like and the snapshot profile bullets you’d like to see. By attaching your paper resume, we will also upload and attach it. This way, any recipient you email your resume web page to can print it if they wish.

Want keywords added so you can be found in a search? We do that as well. And when you have the job you want, just let us know and we will un-publish your resume (They’re good for up to one year). And, if later on things become uncertain with your new job and you want to begin looking again, just let us know and we can republish at any time within the years time frame.

If this sounds like something you or your clients might like, please give me a call at 321-285-3139 or email me at and we can discuss it further.  The program is free for anyone to use to create their own state of the art resume. And for those who still don't want top tackle this them selves, we will do it for you. However, please be advised that does cost $99 a finished and approved final product. You just email us your current paper resume and we'll do the rest. Thank you for your time.  

Core Competencies

Resume formats vary depending on who you talk to. As such, we elected to include this section and called it Core Competencies. You can either include, delete or change the title to something else. Entirely up to you. Just let us know and we’ll lay it out however you’d like.

Value Proposition

Value propositions are a critical section in today’s resume. It’s something almost all doing assesmemnts look at and evaluate. They want to know simply what you are going to bring to the job and what’s it’s going to cost to make that happen. In short, what’s the value you offer? It’s important to look at this objectively with an eye from their perspective.

Don’t hesitate to include and reference any online work you want to present to better reflect why you are the perfect candidate. You can include the links here in this content and or on the Portfolio Showcase section. Make it easy for them to see the proof you want to show!

Criteria Match

Criteria match is one of our trademarked items. This is your opportunity to ‘jump to the chase’ and detail, point by point, on how your experience, skills, and education match up 1:1 with the job requirements as listed. This section is arguably the most important of your entire resume. It shows without any fluff or unrelated information exactly how you and what you bring can fill the needs as listed, bullet by bullet. 

Professional Experience

Nothing new here. Just provide your work experience and do your best to word it so that it best parallels the job description.


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Profile Snapshot

  • Use Bullets to
  • describe why
  • you are the
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