The rules have changed…

You have heard the phrase, to change the output, you must change the input. Today, there are numerous things working against you in applying through the traditional methods. Most public job boards use “applicant tracking systems” which essentially are just filters. They evaluate resumes, assign a score and place them wherever they rank. If the score isn’t high enough, the resume is electronically discarded or simply placed into a database. Nobody even lays eyes on it. Most people don’t know this. The real issue here is that if you do not use the precise vernacular the filter had been coded for, you lose. I know of one very recent case where the position called for an MBA. The applicant had the credential but listed it on his resume as, ‘Master of Business Administration’ and he was passed over simply because, MBA did NOT equate to Master of Business Administration to the ats. Most of the programs in place today do not use a relatively new software method called ‘contextualization’, something akin to an ‘artificial intelligence’ application. As a consequence, many great people are never given an opportunity to be considered, let alone interviewed. Unfortunately, even a great resume does no good if it isn’t being read. This is only one example but it points out the absolute need to entertain different approaches when the existing ones are not working. That’s the premise behind companies like They provide methods to stand apart from the crowd and be seen.

Think differently, react differently and odds are, your outcome will change as well. But remember, although the rules have changed, the one constant is that perseverance is an attribute every employer is seeking.

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