Job Seekers
For anyone employed, employed part-time, unemployed or about to enter the work force

School, College or University
Developed to assist the Career Services Directors, their departments and their respective staff of any higher educational facility

Employers, Hiring Mgrs or Recruiters
For Employers, Hiring Managers or Recruiters; essentially any person directly involved in the hiring process of a prospective employee
Career Services: Industry Affiliates
For Career Coaches, Resume Writers, or Counselors; essentially anyone hired to improve the applicants professionalism

Career Services: Speakers or Contributors
ProRezOnline provides online webinars, newsletters, resumes and a variety of material necessary for any job seeking individual. As such we are always interested in people wishing to be a contributor to any of the areas involved. Whether it is as a Webinar speaker, newsletter contributor, resume writer or coach in a related capacity, this section is for you
Career Services: Advertisers
If you are interested in advertising on any of our media arms (webinars, newsletters, archives, student resumes (for our free program), job boards, chat forums, or emails, this section is for you

Career Services: Re-Sellers
ProRezOnline is always looking for high caliber sales executives whose integrity is matched only by their desire for success. If making a difference and helping people matters to you, then talk with us today!
(Positions are commission based only)
Like you, we know the frustrations involved in the job search process:
Constantly having to fill in form after form - Shouldn't your cover and resume be enough?
Hearing the experts tell you your resume is written wrong - Is there a "right" way?
Sending out resume after resume and never hearing a thing back - Is anyone even receiving it?
With so many people applying for the same position, how can I get noticed?
The list goes on and on. That's why you're here and that's why we've developed ProRezOnline. With the help and input of thousands of Career Services Professionals, we have created a very comprehensive program which provides effective assistance to virtually every problem you face. Below you'll find brief introductions to the programs with links to learning a great deal more. See which is the best fit for you.
Free Road Program

This option enables you to establish a good online presence, incorporating everything you might want to present to any hiring manager. Choosing from Flash or contemporary web 2.0 styles, your resume can now be engaging as well as efficient using our exclusive, patent pending "profile snapshot". This program includes numerous valuable features and best of all, it's free!!
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Our Silver Program

This option substantially steps your job search efforts. Here we add a laundry list of the most valuable things desired for anyone seeking and applying for work. From expert webinars conducted on every job search process through creating a commanding online presence, everything you can think of has been included here - over $2,000 worth of services - and at a price you simply cannot afford to pass up - Contact us today!
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