What is
Why do I need this?
What are the benefits?
How is this better?

General resume problems and our patented solutions - click for pdf
I don’t know anything about computers – is there a step by step instructional?
What if I want to make changes to my resume?
Can I include my picture instead of your graphic and if so, how do I do it?

What is
  • The ProRezOnline system is a powerful, fully featured resource aimed at helping you get the job you want. We took information from thousands  of students and industry professionals over several years and from that, created a patent pending system which incorporates the latest technologies and processes to give you everything you need to stand out in today's economy. And the best part is, our basic service is FREE!
Why do I need this?
  • Would you rather watch a great movie on: a 12 inch black and white TV or a 60 inch plasma screen with full surround sound? Which would leave a stronger impact on you? Well, the people that receive and read resumes are no different. If you were to compare a black and white sheet of paper with the same plain boring text to a high definition, animated webpage complete  with video, audio, portfolio showcase, active web links and numerous other features intended to keep your attention, which do you think would leave a more memorable impression on you? You will only be considered if your resume is read. And your resume is only going to be read if its selected among the hundreds of others received for the job. That's only going to happen if you stand out in a creative and powerful way. THAT'S why you need this! 
You need this to stand apart from the hundreds of other resumes received sitting on the employer’s desk. You could be a top contender but it will do you no good if your resume is not seen or read. And when an employer is looking at hundreds of resumes at the same time, the odds of yours being overlooked grow increasingly high. With a ProRezOnline resume, your odds of being seen AND remembered grow exponentially! Our system provides expert webinars covering every aspect of the employment process, from interviewing all the way through to salary negotiation. We provide numerous patented resume design templates (in flash or web 2.0) to captivate your recipients; we include essentially every tool you need to create an exceptional first impression and give you the best chances possible to secure the job you're after.

The benefits of a ProRezOnline resume are numerous. Here’s a few of the more salient features:
  • Unlike the traditional one-way method of you just applying to companies, this also offers the opportunity to be found by employers or recruiters doing job searches for someone just like you. We input code to help your webpage be found when employers do searches on websites like Google and Yahoo
  • The opportunity to mass-market yourself WITHOUT the cost of expensive resume paper and postage. Here, you can email your resume webpage to anyone, anywhere at any time and at no cost
  • Flash animation is so popular, it’s now read by virtually every computer in service today. It captivates the viewer’s attention, makes it entertaining and for ProRezOnline resumes, leaves a powerful, effective and very positive first impression. Those features alone help a prospective employer remember you and helps place you on the top of the interview list
  • Private access to our web page of professional recruiters, top rated jobsites and other highly valuable resources for your job search
  • Several top quality discounts at major participating retailers to assist you in your professional job search
  • The ability to upload a standard text resume for general printing
  • The ability to upload a personal picture or graphic
  • The ReSeller program may qualify as an internship giving you immediate working experience
  • to list on your resume
  • This process is better because it uses proven, cutting edge technology to make your chances of being seen and remembered substantially better while also providing the standard traditional paper method. It gives your prospective employer a choice and gives you a substantial edge on your competition 
I don’t know anything about computers – is there a step by step instructional?
Absolutely!  You asked for it and we listened!  We put together a simple, all-inclusive step by step guide which will walk you through every step of the process. While it is pretty straight forward, we know many of you are a bit uncomfortable with some of today’s technologies. Simply print out this brief pdf and you’ll be all set.             Click Here.

How long is my ProRezOnline resume good for?
Your ProRezOnline resume (Silver Program) is valid for a period of one year.  At that time it will be automatically de-activated. Should you wish, you can deactivate it much earlier by sending us an email. Conversely, you can extend the webpage presentation for a small renewal fee.

What if I want to make changes to my resume?
You are given a private login and may make changes at anytime without cost.

Can I copy and paste from my existing resume stored on my computer?
Absolutely! However, there is a little trick to this. Just like the majority of internet forms, the text you copy and paste needs to be unformatted. In other words, a typical “word” document may cause problems. You are better off to open your text resume in notepad (or similar) and save it as a plain text document. Then you should have no problems performing a typical copy and paste.

How does the resellers program work?
It’s incredibly easy. You simply register on the resellers page. Once done, just provide your registration code (emailed to you upon registration) to anyone interested in signing up.  For each enrollee you get credit for, you will receive a commission.

Can I include my picture instead of your graphic and if so, how do I do it?
Many of you have indicated an interest in providing either a personal picture or graphic as part of your resume. Obviously paper resumes don’t allow for such a professional presentation but we do. The process is fairly straight forward. Scan or otherwise save a picture into your computer. Open it up with a graphics program. If necessary, adjust the graphic by cropping it. Save the file as a gif or jpg, measuring 200x200 at a 72 dpi. (Your graphic program will walk you through this. Contact us if you still have difficulty and we’ll help you do it).
At the bottom of the purchase page, there is a button to allow you to upload a personal graphic. Check that. When you do, you will see a Browse button pop up. Simple locate the graphic on your computer using that browse function and click on the file when you find it. That’s all there is too it. When you click on the preview, your graphic will be visible on the contact page.